Get to know your authenticator

Hi, everyone.

My name is Michelle.


I am a first generation American residing in New York City. I am the humble but proud owner/admin of a prominent CHANEL based Facebook group "CHL-Buy,Sell,Authenticate" since 2016.

I unintentionally stumbled upon selling handbags roughly 12 years ago as a college student in my early 20's. I had previously studied in the pre-med program and envisioned myself to one day be a practicing Neurosurgeon or Psychiatrist but life evidently had other plans for me.

I wholeheartedly have a fiery passion for this vast, colorful and blossoming industry. I absolutely love handling luxurious, expensive and remarkably beautiful items everyday. I consider myself exceptionally well versed in CHANEL handbags as they have been such an integral part of my everyday life for many years. To call this a job is a vast understatement.

I feel respected and appreciated in our small community and in turn enjoy providing others with my insight and extensive knowledge of this brand to which I have essentially devoted my entire adult life to. I have always dreamt of making others happy in my profession regardless of what it was and I am so unbelievably grateful in doing just that.

Thank you for allowing me to share my short story with you. Remember; I am always here for you!


Sincerely, Michelle